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Robert B. McArtor is Maryland's Luxury Home Short Sale Real Estate Agent

If you are barely holding on to your luxury property and its value has dropped tremendously, you may qualify for a short sale. A short sale takes place when a lender allows a borrower to sell their property short, for an amount lower than the remaining loan balance. In many cases, the lender then forgives the borrower of the remaining deficiency. Additionally, the lender pays all of the sellers' closing costs. A short sale is completely FREE to borrowers.

How to Qualify

A short sale is not everyone's best option. First, short sales are for borrowers who are upside down on their homes, meaning they owe more on the property than it is worth. Next, borrowers must prove to their lender that they can no longer afford the home due to a financial hardship. Some examples of hardships are:
? Job loss
? Relocation
? Vacant rental property
? Divorce
? Decreased income
? Death/illness in the family
? Job transfer
? Medical bills

Short Sale Specialist in Baltimore, Harford, Anne Arundel County, Montgomery, Fredrick County and ALL Surrounding Areas of Maryland We are short sale specialist real estate agents offering FREE foreclosure services to luxury homeowners in Maryland in hardship.

On average we have closed over 80 short sale transactions. Our Team Members are trained and are well educated in the Short Sale process from start to finish.
1. The first step is for you to FILL OUT our QUICK CONTACT FORM BELOW! We will ask a few questions to get a better idea of the situation you're in.
2. If we determine a short sale is your best option, we will set you up with one of our luxury home short sale Realtors. 
3. We will handle the entire transaction, from listing your home to negotiating with your lender, all for FREE!
4. Your lender will pay all of your closing costs and in most cases, lenders forgive borrowers of the remaining debt on the loan after the sale. Keep in mind, this is not automatically the case.
5. Some lenders are offering incentives up to $35,000 to homeowners who short sale luxury real estate and avoid foreclosure.
6. A short sale will appear on your credit as "Paid as Negotiated" or "Settled in Full," just like any other paid off debt.

Why would your lender agree to a short sale in Maryland?

On average, it costs a lender $58,000 to go through foreclosure proceedings on a property. The lender will attempt to sell the property at auction, which is not always successful. If the home doesn't sell, the lender is then stuck with a vacant property as well as the responsibility of maintaining the property. The home then must go through the bank REO system, which can be a very drawn out process. Rather than dealing not only with all of these additional costs, but also the additional headache, lenders often prefer that borrowers short sale their properties. In fact, even if the foreclosure process has already begun on your distressed luxury property, if you inform your lender that you are attempting to short sale they will often postpone the foreclosure process.

Confidentiality Guarantee

All of the information you provide us with regarding your current financial situation will be kept in the utmost confidentiality. We will not release any of this information to anyone outside of the short sale process. Additionally, if you prefer to include your attorney in the short sale transaction, it is welcomed. Our Team cooperatively work with sellers' attorneys including foreclosure defense attorneys. If you currently do not have an attorney but you would like one, we set you up with can provide you with recommendations.

Do not hesitate to call with any short sale related questions you may have!
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Robert B. McArtor - Agent at RE/MAX COMPONENTS
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What our clients are saying  

"Robert, thank you for meeting with my wife and I. Your professionalism was outstanding. Your presentation for your marketing plan was certainly impressive and we will be listing with you in the Spring. We are looking forward to working with you"


~ Michael S. P.

"Thank you Robert, you and your Buyer Agents helped us save $12,345.00 on the purchase of our home. We were going to use a Virginia Broker who was also licensed in Maryland. You and your agents actually live in Maryland and was much more aware of the market conditions and your negotiating skills were excellent. I would recommend you and your Buyer Agents to anyone looking for a Home in Maryland. Also, you were very accessible to us by phone and email."


~ L.Perry - Harford County

"We are looking forward to a successful Auction here in Baltimore. You booked our property today at 12 noon and just like you said, it is on your website less than 12 hours later. WOW, were we impressed. Your professionalism went a long way when deciding on using your services. We are looking forward to reaping the rewards of your marketing abilities."


~ Michael St. - Baltimore City Maryland

"Just as your ad stated, we saved not only $5,000....but just over $12,000 on our home purchase, thank you thank you thank you!"


~ M.K. - Jarrettsville Maryland

"Robert, you met with my husband and I this past weekend and just wanted to say thank you. We were very impressed and very informed about the Auction Method! Because of your advise on our situation with our home. We are looking forward to listing the property with you. Please let us know a good time to meet."


~ John C. - Baltimore County

"My home was listed for three weeks with your team. I knew the property needed work when you listed it but had NO idea the interest. In just three weeks we had 23 showings, over 900 views of the Visual Tour you did for me and you negotiated a FULL Price contract! I am looking forward to settlement.....there is nothing more I could have asked for from your team."


~ J.S. - Rosedale Maryland

TESTIMONY: "Our search began in January and in a matter of 2 weeks we found our dream home. Robert and his team worked with us with financing, moving, even helped us moved our refrigerator! Now the good part, Robert was able to help us negotiate a savings of $5,800! on the purchase of our home. We were so excited, I referred my friend at work. Thank you Robert for a job well done."


~ T.R. - Belcamp Maryland

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