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Guaranteed Sale - If I don't sell your house I will buy it!


For most folks the biggest concern when buying a new home in Baltimore Metro Area including Baltimore City, Harford or Cecil County is will my current home sell? Can I qualify for two mortgages? Can I afford two mortgages and for how long? To put sellers at ease and to get your listing, many realtors offer and advertise a guaranteed sale program "If we don't sell your home we will buy it!" Guaranteed sale programs can be great in some situations but most often are NOT a good deal. There are a number of ways these programs work here are a few of the typical ones.


Real Estate Agents and Investors


Many realtors including myself work with investors that will buy houses as investments. These investors buy homes for two reasons, either they buy the homes to rent for a profit or they buy homes to re-sell for a profit. Selling to investors can be great if you absolutely cannot afford or qualify for two mortgages and you have some equity in your home that you are willing to part with! The only scenarios I would ever recommend this approach to is where someone just found their dream home and can't afford or qualify for two mortgages and they need to sell quickly or they found a home that is substantially discounted or maybe the home is part of an estate that needs to be settled quickly or maybe your home needs major repairs that you simply can't afford. In these cases a good realtor can tell you what the home should sell for and what "guaranteed price" they or their investor will pay for the home, then it is a matter of how long can you wait?


Many Programs Have Pre-determined discounts


A method some realtors use is a pre-determined markdown schedule. This can be a very costly approach for most home owners, especially those with significant equity! The way this works is the agent will set an initial price for your home (usually at or above what you were hoping to get) then get you to agree to a dated price reduction schedule, if it reaches the last price the agent will agree to buy it for that price. Depending on your time frame these reductions could happen every week, two weeks or monthly until the home reaches a point where it is just grossly undervalued in the market. Then you have to ask yourself who is buying the home at the last markdown and how motivated is this person to sell your home at a higher price.


Two Sided Transaction - We guarantee you 90% of the value of your home.


This is an approach that some real estate companies will use if you are also buying a home from them. They will make you feel that they are using their commissions on the home you are buying to take the loss on your home. However if you look at the whole picture they get 3% to sell your home, 3% for you buying another home and the kicker 3% for being the buyer of your old home which is at a 10% discount because you agreed to sell it for 90% of the listing price! So they buy your home for 19% below the current market value or 81% not 90%. You should really ask yourself is that a good deal? A Typical Home is $200,000 they buy for $162,000 when you add it all up and that's assuming they didn't convince you to offer 5% to the buyers agent!


Home Equity


For Many People Home Equity is their largest asset! Protecting this Equity is our main focus!


How Long to Sell?


The Biggest Fear selling a Home is usually How Long will it Take to sell my house? The answer is not simple, it depends on the market, the price and the right marketing.


Don't be Fooled!


If your Home Doesn't Sell I'll Buy it! Usually means; I have an Investor that will buy your home for the right price! Just understand the end price in advance!


Bottom Line


There are many methods to "I will buy your house if I don't sell it" and usually it ends up costing you a lot of money! We understand the Baltimore Metro, Harford County, Cecil County real estate market and will tell you what your house should sell for and the average time homes are taking to sell, but no one can tell you with any confidence how long for sure it will take! What we can tell you with certainty is if it doesn't sell what an investor will pay for it in the current market!


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